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Help Customers To Reduce Procurement Costs

Inventory Management

Our company has established an ideal ERP supply chain management system, which accurately matches dozens of inquires with excess inventories of our customers. We aim to help customers maintain balanced and available inventories while reducingoperating costs. We will continuously track discontinued and difficult to procure components. As a result, we minimize any shortages our customers may have to face.

Inventory Management
Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

Our network of suppliers consists of Original Component Manufacturers ,Original Equipment Manufacturers , and authorized independent distributors from around the globe. As a result, we can source components to meet our customers’ specifications.

Cost Reduction

With our network of vetted and specialized electronic suppliers, we can consolidate the supply chain process. This allows us to provide our consumers with quality original electronic components at competitive prices

Cost Reduction
Third Party Test Lab

Third-Party Test Lab

Easev cooperates with reputable third-party test labs such as White Horse Laboratories and China Electronic Component Center Laboratory. Easev will coordinate tests according to the complexity of the components and our customer's specifications. These tests may include but are not limited to:
1.Parametric and Functional Test X-ray Fluorescence(XRF)
2.Solderability Testing
3.Heated Chemical Testing(HST)
4.Decapsulation and Die Analysis
5.Comprehensive Electrical Testing

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