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Easev Semiconductor Co., Limited

Leading global independent distributor with cost-saving and reliable supply chain

We are always consistent since 1999, dedicated to assisting our customers to quickly and accurately find obsolete, end-of-life, hard-to-find parts, and acquire authentic common-useds parts at competitive prices.

We profoundly understand that the difficulty of sourcing obsolete electronic components.Buyers should always spend up to 60% of their procurement time, as twice as finding conventional parts. Based on this challenge, Easev consistently optimize our in-stock inventory and a global network of suppliers to reduce your procurement cycles, lower transaction costs and provide quality electronic components at competitive prices.

As a customer-focused online superstore, we constantly improve our service, creating a humanized platform to customers (from best-in-class search and e-procurement engine, ample and up-to-date product information, to 24/7 service), where buyers can get instant access to ready-to-ship safety stock and complete procurement easily with a few quick clicks, rather than frantically calling sources from around the world for parts. At the same time, we offers a wide variety of ValueAdded Services to better serve your company. Whether you need tape and reeling, component programming or contract manufacturing we can do it all. All of our value-added services take place in one of our ESD compliant warehouses and carried out by highly trained (by SMTA & IPC organization) and experienced technicians.

At the same time, Easev dedicate to working in partnership with its clients to deliver the optimum, cost-effective, alternative solutions and services the client needs,offers comprehensive risk analysis to help OEM optimize the supply chain, taking into account the future business goals and objectives.

All operations at EASEV are AS9120, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, including order entry, customer service, receiving, picking, shipping, purchasing and inventory.

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In the future, we will continues to grow globally and focus on providing the widest selection of the in-stock electronic parts, accomplishing through our commitment to continual improvement of our processes, services, products and our people, insisting our innovation-driven business philosophy, gratifying and astonishing customers with our customer service excellence, order accuracy and on-time delivery.

100% Original Stock

Easev Semiconductor realized there are many fake parts in the global electronics supply chain, which would have caused serious issues and bad consequences for customers. Therefore, we firmly believe that only by obtaining sources from authorized suppliers with enhanced quality test could it be safe and reliable.

24 Hours Shipment

Easev Semiconductor has more than 14+ years experience in this field and knows the importance of time. We guarantee we will arrange shipment in 24 hours after order confirmation and customer will get goods in the fastest time.

365 Days Warranty

Easev Semiconductor promises that all products originate from the original distribution channel. If you find that the quality of the product does not conform to the technical parameters of the original factory during the use of the product, we assume the responsibility of quality risk within 365 days.

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